Hey there, I'm Justin Ortega, but you can call me JayOh. I'm a proud Penn State University alum where my squad and I were two-time NCAA Division 1 wrestling champions. My journey on the wrestling mat instilled in me a work ethic and passion that I carry into everything I do.

I find my greatest joy as a father to four incredible children – three boys and a charming little girl. My beautiful wife, Heather, keeps the adventure of life exciting. We call Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, home, but I'm an Oxfordian at heart.

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me out and about, exploring the great outdoors and making memories with my amazing family. Nature is our playground, and we're always up for an adventure.

Music is my soul's rhythm, especially '80s hits. And when it comes to entertainment, I'm firmly in the TV show camp – nothing beats the suspense and character development. As for sustenance, pizza and bacon cheeseburgers are life.

It would be my pleasure to have you join me on this journey as we capture life's moments, weave stories through photographs, and celebrate the magic of family, nature, and all the beautiful chaos in between. Let's make memories together.

photographer on mountain hiking with camera




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